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wednesday champions league


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blimey! was hornswaggled by em german landlubbers yday. benfica won arsenal won atletico won and korb aka the scurvy dog got one of em red cards and celtic scored on penalty. bye bye treasure.

what is it ye say? jump back on the boat and try once more


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Posted these two bets earlier this week:

Borussia Dortmund vs Sporting CP - Götze not to score - Odds 1.44 /html/images/emoticons/Asset46.png
Borussia Dortmund vs Sporting CP - Aubameyang to score - Odds 1.72 /html/images/emoticons/Asset46.png

Aubameyang is now 1.62 and not very interesting but Götze is at 1.40, which is still worth a few pennies :)

I like the Tottenham -1 bet - Leverkusen haven't been great recently, and I could see Tottenham winning with 3-4 goals. The Dortmund bet doesn't look bad either, but not going to play it myself :)

I've got a little on the below bet, but it's primarily because I'm probably going to be watching that one (Copenhagen - Leicester) and wanted to make it a bit more exciting :)



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