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Tournament speed/naming conventions


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They just don't make sense half the time.

  • All of the 'crazy' MTTs show as 'deep' in the Speed column. With 1 minute levels thats not going to be a 'deep' play MTT. It should just say 'Hyper' as everyone knows what that means.
  • 'Multi-speed' MTTs sound like they should have variable level speeds when really they are multi-buy turbos.
  • 'Normal' speed seems to relate to various level speeds. There is no consistancy. I can see a €10 UO with 10 minute levels and a €50 UO with 12 minutes levels both showing as 'normal'. Looking through the lobby 'normal' can be anywhere between 6-12 minutes.

Basically what I'm saying is I think 2.0 needs a numeric 'Level speed' column and probably a 'Starting Stack' column so people can see whats going on or a general standarisation of level speeds when classing a MTT using the current 'speed' column.



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I also don't understand why normal bounty tournaments are occasionally called (number)-x tournaments, for example the 400gtd 10-x Bounty (10 buyin) in the evening. From the name the first time I played this I was afraid it was going to be one of those multibuys, but it's not. What does this (number)-x in the name mean? I assume it's nothing to do with being a bounty tournament because not all bounties have that in the name,. Is it level length? 

I sort of think others might also assume that it's probably a multibuy and not join because of that.


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