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Default Sit-Out/Take-a-seat option


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I'd find it a bit strange if this idea was never suggested before, but I can't seem to find anything about this when using the search function. If it does already exist, then sorry for bothering :)

When playing turbo 9-seat tourneys (also with 6 seat, but then it doesn't matter that much) it can happen that there are a few inactive players on the table in the beginning. When all their time goes by (so the basic time + the DC time) it could happen that in the beginning of the tourney only one hand gets played per blind level.

Isn't there a possibility to make every player sit-out per default? And that, if you get online, you just need to press play to start playing. It doesn't seem to be something which is to hard to implement :)
Every tourney pushes your table one minute before it actually starts, so I think that is enough time to press the play button :)

Hopefully my suggestion can be of any use :D

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