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Can't Log in from PC Software


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Happy to hear it , I'm sure the information will be usefull to other members in the future, that programs such as the one described can have an effect on the connection, cheers! :)

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So, the issue happened again, I couldn't log into browser apps or windows software, with a message on the beta poker app "Something is wrong".

I deleted the cookies and cache ---> that didn't work. 

Contacted customer support and they adviced on doing the same thing again. so this is what i have done:

1- I went to my Unibet Account ----> settings and logged out all the other devices, and logged out "this is you"/current log in.

2 - Deleted cookies and cache.

3- Uninstalled and reinstalled Poker software.

4- Restarted my internet router.

5- Unitalled Avast anti-virus.

And it worked again !

Before, I have done steps 1 - 2 - 3 & 4 alone and nothing happened. Nothing happened until I have done step 5 too.  

For whatever reason i believe there is a conflict between some anti virus softwares and the poker app.

If this happens again, (I hope it won't) will see what exactly fixes the issue.  


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