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Set usernames for groups


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I'll explain the scenario :-

The 'Suggestions for the community' section has been closed because we have ideas/bugs now. I want to ask if the poker bugs section is going to close or if we still use that for poker related bugs and create a thread for it. I don't know if Marco, Stubbe or Jeppe is the best person to ask or if any of them can answer it so I tag them all.

Rather than tag all three it would be good if you could tag @Moderators and they would all get a notification. Same goes for @PokerTeam or @CasinoTeam etc. if you needed something clarified.

Obviously this opens the possibility of staff getting spammed with ever post so maybe it can be locked down somehow or only used if a post hasn't been replied to in a set period of time to limit the potential abuse.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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The poker bug reports board will be closed :)

I'm going to decline the idea for now, as I'm simply afraid it'll be abused, and we'll end up getting so many notifications that the response time will actually be longer - it's also not technically possible at the moment. We do have a separate tool to review every single post, so it shouldn't even be necessary to mention Marco, Jeppe or I. Always good to mention the poker/casino/bingo guys though :)

What I think we should do instead is make an overview of the Unibet employees on the community and when it makes sense to mention them :)

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