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Android app login issue


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 Hey guys, 

I got this error this morning and don't know how to fix it :) 

What have I tried to solve this? 

- reinstall the app

- succesfull login on the website (so no log in server issue or banned server host by my school network) 

- use other network (data instead of wifi) 

What haven't I tried? 

- log in on the pc app (don't have one closely now) 

- try other account (for the obvious reason that I don't have one :p) 

- try log in on other android (or Apple ) device, because I don't have one

Device info

- Oneplus 3

- Oxygen OS 3.2.7 , Android 6. 0.1

- Android security level from September 1th.

My last login was yesterday afternoon (like 16 hours ago) and the issue occurred first an hour ago. 

Hope you guys can help :) p.s. Maybe this issue should be in help and support. I don't know so feel free to move the topic



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