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How are everyone's 25NL/PLO tickets from moving on up doing?


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Thought it'd be cool to see how the final tickets from moving on up are going for everyone.

I must say I busted my 4NL and 10NL tickets quickly, but 25NL seems like "serious limit" to me now, so took it more to heart, although I must say I lost a buyin or two (sometimes through spew) almost every time I split the ticket up onto several tables, then made it back on the one remaining table again etc, so could be better. 85 flops to go, played all night lol.


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Very nice! 

It's Sunday so everyone should have their tickets now, how goes it? 

I have to say from my experiences at 25NL now, it's a bit different than the lower levels, and what I noticed is I could tell the 10NL players apart from the pool mostly because they 3 bet often and then don't really know what to do in a 3 bet pot afterwards, sometimes just shutting completely down on the flop. There were several more things I noticed but ended up failing anyway, so ... :D

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There're 3 200+ NL25 tickets and 3 150+ PL25 tickets so far.

@Santa76 wrote:

i hope for november will be same promotion

Sorry, I don't like running the same promotion too often.  People get used to it, it stops changing player behaviour, and even worse, people get annoyed when it stops.  It's best that we rotate between effective promotions to different game types.

It'll probably be back one day though, it works well.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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