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Time to update tournaments!


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Hi guys!

Is it not time to make somthing new regarding the tournaments!

-Get some lower buyins f.e. 50 cent tours!

-Raise the "crazys" to 2€ with a 200€ pot or even better; a 5€ buyin and a 500€ pot or 10€ for a 1000€ pot!

-.Freerolls with freespin wins on some spectacular slot!

etc etc

Just some thoughts!







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Hi Yoggiboss,

Thanks for your suggestions, we appreciate your feeback.

The plan has been to look for tournament changes, when we have the new Unibet Poker up and running on all devices. At that time, we will also look at all the feedback from our customers and see where things fit in.



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I think we'd be better off without smaller buyins.  €1 is pretty low already, and we would like to make money.

We can't award free spins or sportsbets yet, because we aren't integrated into the Unibet-wide bonus tool yet.  When we are, this is definitely the kind of thing I'd like us to do.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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