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Mixture of the sportsbetting page and the poker client


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We moved away from dedicating significant real estate to casino, inside the poker client, and I don't believe in a split view like the one on the picture: it will be a terrible experience on both products, unless the UI is significantly changed for both, and then it becomes a huge product (with very little benefit).

Embedding entire casino and sports sites inside the client, that's not an option at this stage, and I'm not sure it ever will be, considering the ROI. It makes sense for brands that are all about poker (or at least historically used to be), but for a brand where poker is such a small part, it makes much less sense; we don't have the same need for pushing players to place bets or spin on the casino, unlike a site like Pokerstars.

In short: the integrated casino on the desktop client is likely all there'll be for the next few years.

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