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The €200 Tennis Giveaway Competition


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On behalf of @AndreiBN - who came up with idea and will be your day to day host - we'd like to offer you the chance to take part in this giveaway competiton with a daily prize of €10 in free bonus money or poker tickets, exclusively for community members!

Here's how it works:

  1. Each day AndreiBN will post a question regarding tennis match of his choice, at least 12 hours in advance of the match starting, it will be posted in the topic you're reading now /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png
  2. Post your guess on the correct answer by writing choice A or B, before the CET time announced by AndreiBN.
  3. All members who gets the daily question correct will automatically enter a daily raffle, where the winner gets €10 in free bonus money or €10 in poker tickets !
  4. Each day, the winner of the daily raffle will be announced by AndreiBn /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png

Terms & Conditions

- Only one entry per community member per day, any members found using multiple accounts will be removed from the promotion and we reserve the right to take further action.
- Each community member can win no more than one prize of €10 free bonus money or poker tickets for the duration of the competition.
- We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the promotion at any time.
- General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.

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And because i want to keep things simple and this competition open for all the members of this community,not only for tennis fans,the answers to the daily questions will be very close to each other,so anyone could give it a shot and get lucky :)

The winner of each day will receive his prize most likely the next following day and he can use it in Sportbooks bets as bonus money,Casino , Bingo or Poker tickets worth up to € 10.

I will use your community name when i'll organise the raffle,so no need to post any lucky number if you got the right answer.

The raffle will be right after we get the official result of the daily tennis match and will post a video of the winner every day.

Big thanks to   and  for sponsoring this tennis giveaway competiton.

Will try to post the daily tennis match way in time before it starts,so you'll have plenty of time to register.The registration will close every day around 30 minutes before the match it is scheduled to start.In tennis it happens a lot that a match will start a bit later than it is supposed to,but hopefully will not be hours of delay.

Good luck to all of you.I'll post the first match in just a few minutes :)


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Very nice competition ! Thanks a lot for hosting this & coming up with this great idea. I'm sure it will be extremely exciting :)


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Here is the first question for this tennis competition giveaway :

1.Question #1 : 24.10.2016

Who will win the first set  in today's "Tennis match of the day" : 

        Illya Marchenko vs. Donald Young ( ATP - Basel - Starting time : 19:45 CET )

A. Illya Marchenko (Odds @1.95 for the first set )

B. Donald Young ( Odds @1.85 for the first set )

Simply chose A. or B. and post your answer in this thread.Deadline will be : 19:15 CET.

Good luck to all of you !!!!


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There will be all kind of different questions during these 20 days of competition.Number of sets,numbers of games in a set or total games in a match,if  a player will retire or not during the match..all kind of interesting questions.

But just wanted to make it easy at the beginning until members are used to this comepetition giveaway.Good luck :)

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"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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My bet goes to player A for some obvious reasons :p

 its' really cool you want to put your time in organizing this :) and @Unibetteam Thanks for the sponsoring

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