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Missing notifications


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@JeppeL, have you heard anything from the supplier about this yet? (I'm starting a new topic because this was only brought up as a side note in another thread where the main issue has already been solved, and I haven't seen any updates there since, so it may have been forgotten. Pasted the previous conversation below, so you know what the heck I'm talking about. :))

Valkyrie wrote:

Btw, @JeppeL on the subject of wonky notifications, how come some mentions (the @username thingy) generates a notification and/or email, while others don't? It's a bit confusing and if it only works sometimes it's hard to know if you've gotten someone's attention or not.

Jeppe-Unibet wrote:

@Valkyrie It's the first I've heard of this, it's supposed to send an email every time. Can you remember perhaps a few posts there you are mentioned but didn't get an email? If not, I'd like to you let us know when it happens again so we can investigate 😃

I did get a notification and email for this one. But today I got several mentions in this topic: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Promotions/Post-of-the-week-week-31/m-p/19551#M4131, :smileyhappy: but when I check now I only received notifications for yours (the main post) and kokkini's. But it's happened before too. Sometimes I've had a notification waiting in my account when I logged in, but got no email - sometimes I've gotten neither, so it was just pure luck that I opened the topic in question and saw my name... I don't know if the people I've mentioned have received notifications or not, however.

I've reported this to the platform supplier, as it doesn't seem to be something we can fix. I'll keep you posted - right now I can't say anything about when this will be fixed, but I hope to get an estimate next week 😃

@JeppeL, you said to let you know if it happened again - and it has a number times now. Aside from the one mentioned above, here are a few examples where I didn't get an email, but had a notification on my account when I logged in:



https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Promotions/NFL-Competition/td-p/27932/page/27 (Magicadil's last template post)

And for this one and a few others I didn't even get a notice on my account:


Has this happened to anyone else (i e not getting notification emails and/or "in-account-notifications")? Because I'm guessing there are a lot of members who don't log in every day and if the email notifications aren't working properly it could lead to people not receiving information in a timely manner and missing out on important announcements, promos or competitions where one has to join within a certain time frame etc. And if you don't get a notice in your account either, it's really easy to miss a mention - unless you just happen to open the thread in question at the right time.

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Got an update, not very informative though :)

Thank you for the information. It has been passed to the internal ticket where we are checking the issue further. Unfortunately at this moment the investigation is still in progress. Our L2 engineers are looking into the case.

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Thanks for the update . True, it didn't give all that much information, but glad to hear they're working on it anyway. 😃

 I got the same thing when I posted this thread because I mentioned myself in it. It was like the notification system wanted to get even with me for my error report by saying: "Look here lady, I'm working just fine!" 😛 And yes, that time it did work, and most of the time it does - but the very next day it happened again when Magicadil mentioned me in the NFL competition thread and I didn't get any notification at all. So it's definitely still a problem.

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@Ametrine wrote:

Yes, same here - didn't get an email or notification for weekly rewards thing today 


Had to double check because I was already logged in and clicked on the thread when I saw it pop up in the latest discussions widget - but nope, I didn't get any notification for that one either. (Got one later on when @JeppeL mentioned me in the same thread, but not for the main post.)

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 @testuser1 .I have the issue like @Valkyrie.We are mentioned in the weekly templates,but don't get any notification.Only when we are mentioned in the leaderboard.Maybe it has to do something with the fact that he maybe copy/paste our names when he posts the weekly temapltes ,and that's why the system doens't send any notification to us.

Also now,when i got mentioned in @VikingsAF thread ( in the spoiler) didn't get any notification of that :)

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Thanks for the info. For some reason you're not subscribed to the NFL thread, so you'll only get notifications from that thread, when you're mentioned 😃


I'm not sure what that meant exactly, because the missing notifications for mentions is exactly what this thread is all about. 😛 Also, like @AndreiBN said, Magicadil usually does mention us in both the leaderboard and template posts, but we still only get notifications for the leaderboard ones. Maybe AndreiBN is on to something though - that it doesn't work if the poster copy/pastes a lot of @names at the same time. That would probably explain why I often don't get notifications for the Weekly rewards posts either - because I suppose you have a list to copy/paste from for those? But what it doesn't explain, however,  is why I don't get any notification for certain posts where I'm the only one mentioned... I don't think I've missed any of those lately though, so if they've been working on it, at least that part might've been fixed... hopefully. 😃

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