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Unibet Open tickets - how do they work?


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Maybe its mundane question but i cant figure it out. Anybody care to explain to me what can i win in Unibet Open MTTs? Is there some way to win money inbetween? Why people exchanging bigger tickets to lower? Is is some kind of step satellite program with one only prize (2kE package)?

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Hi Jerry,

The Unibet Open Is a Live Event tournament. The package is worth €2000. There are 4 events per year, the next one is in Bucharest from 1st to 4th December with a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.Here's a link:


I've been to a few and they are fantastic. This is the link to the satellite structure:


Why people exchanging bigger tickets to lower? 
This is what makes Unibet unique. The ability to swap your tickets through this forum. For example, If you win a €50 ubo ticket, you can exchange for any variation of ubo tickets.Instead of being forced to play the €50 ticket, you can have many smaller tickets to build up your ubo balance and play higher stake when you feel you are ready. This is vital for bankroll management. Even if you dont get much higher using this method, you certainly get more play time for your money.
Good luck on winning a package.



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