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Withdrawal Issues


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Hi, guys

I made a withdrawal on the 14/10/16 and my withdrawals with unibet are always in within 2-3 days (ALWAYS). However this time it was not there. I contacted the online chat and they told me it was a problem with visa. My question  is why would they not notify the client via email of such delay? Secondly this has never happened to me ever with any other bookmaker and from looking on this forum I can see it has happened here at unibet before. They could not give me any timeframe of when this credit would be in my bank. Now i find this weird as after 5 days since the problem Visa would surely have corrected it and processed the payment. I think unibet are way behind other bookmakers as they do not offer paypal or even mastercard withdrawls. I think this would make me relucant to use Unibet in the future. Anyone else in the same boat about withdrawals made on the 14/10/16 and 15/10/16 and any further information on when payment would be made. Thanks

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Hi ,

Sorry to hear about the issue with your withdrawal, we've reached out to our payments department to hear if they have any further information on the subject.Though from what you describe, it sounds like we're in wait to have the matter resolved as well, but let's see what they come back with.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, like you describe yourself we always try to make fast and reliable withdrawals - your feedback about receiving an email from us before having to contact customer support yourself is noted and we'll pass it on to the team handling customer experience for future considerations!


Former Community Manager
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