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Rostov easily could be one/two goal match (flip bet for me, with Atletico you never know, but if they have 80% of games under you just avoid over with them). Rostov played with 9 people vs Spartak on the weekend, they should be tired, Attletico in explosive form, so who knows, but Atletico win is a bit better maybe. Barcelona play with one of four teams in the world that could give them upset and there is pep issue :P. PSG good pick IMO (well last time Basel gave me upset cause i needed in London one goal more, but there were a dozen occasions for it and in Paris there should be an open match also, and with PSG very shaky at the back Basel should score at least one time). With Napoli again without Milik they are a bit depressed at the moment and 1.44 is a bit too low for me, but Besiktas is pretty much ❤️♥️❤️ so... Good luck with your tips!

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