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Game, set, fail


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Funny coupon from yesterday with full of hope, thrill and flip. Kudla lost the first set but in the second he played very well so I picked him with a loud Let's gamle! shout. The prematch odds were around 1,7-1,8 for booth players which means they will have equal chance to win the third set. And after winning the second set Kudla will be in better menthal kilter. 

I tried to boost up my winnings with the Japan-Canada olympic qualifier volleyball match where after losing the first set Canada still have the same odds to win the second one and the match. So I decided to pick the who will win the second set? because winning a set is easier than the whole game. I picked the rugby match Storm-Panthers because I like rugby and Unibet is so kind that they streamed the match. At halftime it was 3 tries so I thought they can make 4 in the second half.

But back to the tennis: Kudla made a break and I felt very happy. He made a break in the beginning of the third set too so I was sure that he can win the match. He led 4-2 in the third set and had the chance to break it again but unfortunately he missed the opportunity and bust all of his service games and lost the match 6-4 after 10 mins of his second break chance. What a collapse for him and what a sad end for me.


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