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My CL coupon


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I am new to this community. It looks really cool. I like the positive vibe in here :)

I made this coupon for the Champions League. I will post my bets on community from time to time and maybe add a few comments.


1) Leicester

FC Copenhagen has surprised me.. They were very well organized in the first match in Portugal. I think Leicester will be too big of a challenge for Copenhagen to get a point in England. Ranieri has had this kind of match before and i think he knows how to approach this game. Copenhagen can not keep up with Leicester and the magical atmosphere we saw their fans created in their first CL match.

2) Sevilla

This bet is more against Zagreb than betting on Sevilla. I do not see the Croatian team getting any points in CL this season. They have been in the group stage in CL a couple of times in the past seasons but they get smashed every time in the group stage. There is no home advantage in this match IMO becuause there are almost no fans attending in Zagreb. Something about the fans being against president of the club

3) Dortmund

Not much to say on this one. I just think that Dortmund is too strong for Sporting. Sporting played well in the first match against Real Madrid but I like the odds on Dortmund here.

:cash1: :cash1:

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@moeto_pate wrote:

Well done @HighInTheSky :cash: :Thumbsup

Keep going :Smile:

Thank you :Thumbsup: Sevilla should have scored at least 3 goals against a week Zagreb team. On the other hand Schmeichel saved me from losing the bet with a spectacular save in the dying minutes. Brought memories back to life of his own dad in Man Utd. The apple does not fall far from the tree :)

I will share my bets for the next CL matches in the afternoon

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1) PSV under 0,5 goals.

Bayern does not concede many goals, especially not at home. I tihnk the asian handicap line is a bit too high on Bayern, so I decided to go with this one instead.

A defensive line of Neuer - Lahm, Boateng, Hummels, Alaba speaks for itself and with Xabi Alonso & Kimmich right in front of them on the midfield, it's not an easy task to score at Allianz Arena. PSV will probably get a chance or two during the game, but I am convinced that Bayern will cruise this one home without conceding a goal.

2) Barca - City, X at half time

Pep knows his opponents better than other any other coach and he should be in a good position to destroy their dangerous attacking play. A game that no one wants to lose, but also a game where Barcelona has to aim for the victory which is why I am only hoping for X at half time becuase I think the game will open up more in the second half. I think the match will start out a bit quiet/tactical where both sides wont take too many risks. Hopefully a lot of ball movement without creating chances in the first half. I was about to bet on 0-0 at half time, but both teams can easily score goals at any time, which also reflects on the odds of 4.00 for no goals by half time!

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