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The language barrier


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Once English was created, there wasn't much point in any other language.

Some absolutely ridiculous languages exist - and for reasons only known to mad men/women. Welsh for example is just total nonsense, and was probably derived during massive benders/drinking sessions and is the direct result of being "off your face".

Also chinese/japanese is more like articulate drawing. Stupid really. 

The stupidest language of all? American. Things like "dumb ass" and "can i get some coffee" - they are basically then spawn of satan.

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@GotWhatItTakes wrote:

What is wrong with coffee? :waterfall:

Absolutely nothing. It's the way they ask for it.


American idiot (a) [Walks into a coffee shop] - "can I get a coffee, please?"

American idiot (b) [goes to fetch it]


Where in fact what should happen is... person b should say- "yeah sure you can get yourself a coffee - saves on my feet"

It's just one of these things that are backward, yet are said all the time because Americans think it's 'cool'. 

I hate it ;p


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 I say once we have around 5k members then it should be considered. Community is growing but it's still fairly small but we will get there eventually :)

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 It's something we'd have to consider to great extent before going through with, as it would basically break the community into sub-categories divided by language. Each sub-community would have to be able to carry itself - and this would require a rather great number of members overall members. But hey, tell everyone you know about us and the chances of it would for sure improve ;)

Former Community Manager
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