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I am blocked temporarily out of the poker room


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 This is what i've found on "Frequently Asked Question" section about being locked out of the poker room.Maybe  ,  or  can be more helpful :

There are a few possible reasons.

  • You could have incorrectly entered your username or password more than three times. When this happens the account is temporarily locked for security reasons. This can be fixed quickly if you contact us via phone or live chat. Remember that you use the same login for poker as for the Unibet Open website.
  • Occasionally accounts may be locked for random security checks. You’ll need to confirm the personal details listed on your account and provide some documents for your account to be re-opened. Please contact us for more information.
  • We lock accounts where there has been evidence of fraudulent activity.
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 I'm not sure how quickly it takes effect or if you need to do more than just tick a box to do it, but you didn't accidentally self exclude for poker or something like that? There's still some time left before the freeroll starts so I suggest you contact support right away and/or alert ,  or  and hopefully they can help you with the issue.

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