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Colluding at PLO MTT every day ?


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Ok , so i play mostly PLO and this has happened already at least 3 or 4 days in a row , i didn t come here at first because i tought maybe i'm just paranoid.

It's exactly the same every single time , for exemple :

player 1 raise to 60

i call

player 2 raise to 90

player 1 raise to 120

i call

player 2 raise to 180

player 1 raise to 240

i call ... etc (i called much more just to see what happens)

as soon i fold the hand , the last player just calls , on the flop one of them raise whatever and the other folds.

Anyway today was "pushallM" and "Mam_Was"

If this happens in the future i will post here .

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Same tournament , at the final table now , they try again to do it but another player pushed all in , one of them folded and the other one with AA+ called .


LE : after a few hands the one with the big stack just gived the other one like 3k , raise - reraise - fold . This is getting ridiculous

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Sorry for the late reply, I don't have a very good system for this.  When I get a report, I send it to Relax fraud, they investigate, and let me know what happened.  But I don't have a very good way to then go and post back to you what happened.

These players are banned.  We do our fraud refunds in one big lump every couple of months as it's hard for us to send to medium-sized mail lists. This should be changing next year, but it means that for now we haven't done the refunds for the players affected by this group.  We'll probably not do it until early Jan, because we need to use our scheduled email slots for the 2.0 launch.  

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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