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Meet the supplier - Yggdrasil


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Happy Friday to you all!

It is time for the next "meet the supplier" and this Friday it is all about the rather new kid on the block - Yggdrasil. They've been creating games since 2013, have their home in Malta and an ambition to be the best. See what they have to say below and make sure to share any questions, feedback or ideas.

Kind regards, Fredrik


Yggdrasil only started making slot games in 2013 and since day one we’ve had one main goal – not to be the biggest, but the best! We apply the same philosophy to all aspects of slots from graphics to sounds to gameplay to in-game promotions with the sole aim of providing you as much fun and excitement on the reels as possible. And even though bragging is not always nice we simply have to mention how proud we are with the fact that our efforts have already been awarded with some nice rewards like Gaming Software Supplier Of The Year (International Gaming Awards, 2016) and Slot Provider of the Year (EGR B2B, 2016).

776046752_YggdrasilArt1.thumb.jpg.7d002c060a7977c22fda6c8757656d3c.jpgThe first thing players usually notice about our games is how good they look. This is thanks to our amazing artists, each with their own distinct style but all similar in being true masters of their trade. For ultimate gameplay we also invest a lot of time in creating the soundscape suitable the atmosphere of the game. The aim is always to create a tiny but immersive universe for each and every one of our games. 1531126057_YggdrasilArt2.thumb.jpg.1a328a9c0a145636b0fc1970a0f4c3ec.jpg

A lot of the work we do might also go unnoticed at first – a good example of that is our back office toolset, which allows operators to provide you with entertaining campaigns and promotions. This means we provide operators with everything from something as basic as regular free spins to something revolutionary like in-game missions or watching replays of your big wins and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

We also embrace innovation and always try to be one step ahead of the technologies used by our fellow game providers. Probably the most visible example of this is the fact that we build our mobile and desktop games together, so your gaming experience on mobile would be as engulfing and exciting, as when playing our games on the desktop.

1114911012_YggdrasilArt3.thumb.jpg.a987fb6faeadfd74d589bdc033f8d108.jpgIntegral to making great games is also innovation in the gameplay and this is why we put a lot of effort into making games unique. This involves mixing old crowd-favourite features together in a new way and at the same time coming up with totally new features.

All these tiny things lead up to great games. Some of our fan-favourites you probably already know about are Vikings Go Wild, Golden Fish Tank, Holmes and the Stolen Stones and of course one of our latest releases Double Dragons. We can already promise you that we have some quite amazing new games in the pipeline also so we can guarantee that it pays to keep an eye on our releases in the future also!

But enough about us, now we would like to hear from you! Please feel free to ask questions and give either praise or criticism as you are the one who drives us to make our games better and better. So see you on the reels and talk to you on the board! :Smile:




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@RushB wrote:

Well hi! :laugh:

How come there is no option to lower down the quality in graphics, in any of your games? Lot's of gamers would probaly like that.


RushB - thanks for your kind comments. Sorry for the late reply but to reply in order:

1) Option for lowering graphics used to be available for Flash games. All of our games run on HTML5 so we could offer games with better visuals, more animations etc and sadly HTML5 doesn’t allow downgrading graphics as Flash allowed.

2) And "Superhero-thing" luckily seems to be working in Europe also - we try to cater to as many needs and styles as possible so every player could find their favourite in our portfolio :)

3) Wicked Circus should be available with all operators who have our games and you should be able to play it on Unibet also :) https://www.unibet.com/casino/wicked-circus-1.781526


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Have you ever wanted to share a video of a nice win with your friends or fans? Or would you simply like to re-watch again and again that one sweet spin that brought you a huge win? If so, then you should definitely try our BRAG feature, which allows you to re-watch your big wins and share them online! You can share the videos of your big wins on either Facebook, Twitter or get a direct link to the video you can copy-paste wherever you want.

How to use BRAG? There's only 2 little steps!

  1. Whenever you hit a Big Win or a win that qualifies you on a tournament leaderboard, BRAG button appears on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on BRAG and you can choose whether to:
    1. share the video of the spin on Facebook
    2. share the video of the spin on Twitter
    3. get the direct link to the video, which you can then either send to your friends or simply save and re-watch whenever you want


The BRAG function is currently available for Vikings Go Wild, Incinerator, Golden Fish Tank, Bicicleta, Big Blox, Super Heroes, Alchymedes and Beauty & the Beast and we are constantly expanding this selection.

Players playing on UK based sites can also re-watch and share ANY of the last 10 spins they've played by choosing Game History button from the settings. By early May this option will be available for players playing on .com sites also.

Hope you have fun BRAGging and feel free to share your biggest wins with us here also :)

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@PokerAndBetting wrote:

We havent' seen a new game from Yggdrasil here since June, and they have released 3 games since then, is there a special reason for that?

Lincesning agreement trouble?


Net-Ent games goes live the same day they are released.

Now they have released 4 new games that aren't available here, @Fredrik-Unibet.

I like their games so I would like to know if we can expect them any time soon.

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