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New Web Client - Beta launch


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As you may or may not have seen, most players now have the option between two Web Clients from Unibet site.

Let's use this thread to collect any feedback you have regarding the New Web Client. It is supported by Chrome, Mozilla and Safari browsers.

The client is not yet available for the following countries: Romania, Denmark, Estonia, United Kingdom, Begium, Germany. We're planning to launch it there within around 2 weeks. 

Below are the know issues. We're working on the most important ones

  • Multitable holecards (at the top left of the table) sometimes don't scale properly when you resize the table
  • When using your mouse wheel to size your bet or raise, the amount decreases when you go up and increases when you go down. It should be the other way around
  • Table prioritisation doesn't work correctly if you're in "waiting for bb" mode on one table
  • The Hand replayer isn't working when you open a hand from the hand history section
  • The Hand replayer isn't visible yet on tables
  • Table prioritisation isn't smart enough:  it switches you instantly to a new table even in situation where it should wait a bit longer (e.g. when you call a river bet, you should be able to see the result before being moved to a new table)
  • Lobby doesn't resize correctly. For some resolutions, you have to scroll down a bit to access the bottom part.
  • Challenges widget at the table doesn't update in real time. You need to click on the widget located in the lobby to force the update.
  • Challenges widget doesn't adapt to the game. When you open an Omaha table, it should show Omaha challenges by default
  • When using your mouse wheel to size a bet, it adds/remove 1bb instead of 1sb
  • After you have folded, you can't see your folded cards anymore
  • On Challenges section, it says Challenges will rest on Jan 18 instead of Jan 17
  • Some tickets names (for expired tickets only?) aren't displayed properly. 
  • If you login from Unibet site first, then start the poker browser (automated login), then click on logout on the site, the poker client remains open but you can't access deposit links, can't reload etc... until you relaunch the client
  • If you login from Unibet site first, then start the poker browser (automated login), then let the main browser window (not the poker browser client) be ideal until it times out, the poker client remains open but you can't access deposit links, can't reload etc... until you relaunch the client


Any feedback or bugs to report, please let us know here. Bear in mind that it's only a beta client. Some new features will only be launched during the upcoming months once we've polished the fundamentals. 

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I stickied this thread.

@MoreTBC wrote:

No support for Microsoft Edge? As the browser that is forced on you in Windows 10 it'll probably be the one being used by the less tech-savvy.

This is definitely something I want.  At the moment it's ~3% of browsers, but I imagine that'll grow as Win10 becomes more popular.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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Another one from me.


I managed to get it running today with two tables on windows XP with the latest update of the Firefox browser (hurray!).


When I first tried I got the somewhat cryptic message "something went wrong" with the prompt to renter my username but not password and a big green tick. Renetering the username just sent me back to the original log in screen. So I closed it and on the Unibet web page itself I noticed a message that I was already logged in on my tablet and I could click and log myself out of that.

So the two bits of feeback are

1 - I should have been auto logged out from the tablet session after I was inactive for quite some time this morning (you can check but its maybe three hours between my playing a few cash hands on it around 9-10 CET this morning and playing a few HU SNGs in the web client about 13:00 CET).

2 - If the user is logged in elsewhere there should be a specific error message for that so he knows what he has to fix.

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Thanks for your feedback so far. 

For now we've fixed the following issues:

  • Web client sometimes crashing when you have active tables and close then reopen the client
  • Cards you've folded are not visible anymore
  • For Bounty tournaments, only the regular prizepool is showing - not the bounty prizepool


And we are currently working on the following ones. They should be fixed shortly.

  • When you login from unibet site and then login to the Web Client, if your site session expires, you would log out from the Web Client too
  • Sometimes most of the screen turn black after >25 min sessions on some computers
  • Multi-table hole cards don't scale properly when you resize your tables
  • Mouse wheel to size your bets works the other way around (up = decrease ; down = increase)
  • Table prioritisation brings you to table in "waiting for BB" mode
  • Challenges widget doesn't update unless you click on the widget located on the lobby
  • A second login box appears briefly after login
  • When using your mouse wheel to size, it adds or remove 1 big blinds instead of 1 small blind


Could you please let us know if there's anything keeping you from playing on the Beta Web Client? As we would prioritise those issues higher. 

Any other feedback is welcome too and if you run into any problem with the Beta Web Client that would require a refund, you can let us know here and I'll liaise with you directly. 

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This morning it would run on win10 firefox but not chrome (version 53.0.2785.143 m). On chrome I got to the loading screen with the duck but then it just went grey.

At a 6-handed cash table when the player on your direct left is "waiting for BB" the message is so long that it appears over the user's avatar's head so it looks like the user is waiting for BB - it should be positioned under the info on that player's username stack (or instead of the stack size which we don't need to know when someone isn't dealt into the hand - maybe just one word "waiting" if space is an issue)

4-coloured cards - The green clubs could be darker given they are on a white background. I'm hoping though that when the desktop version comes out the card file will be a normal image file we can modify like with version 1. If not then the ability to choose the deck of cards used as we can with table background (and as is possible with current market leader) would be nice.

Buy-in. The choice to use a ticket should be more obvious - if the user already has a ticket then using it should probably be the default. The ticket button is to the left of the cash button so one assumes it is selected by default. If the intention is to make cash the default then the positon of the buttons should be reversed. When I select a ticket it shows me your internal code for the ticket "moucthe4" rather than a name - the old version showed a name, not sure if that is intentional or not. When I click +1 to add another table it still defaults to buy-in with cash even though I got there by clicking +1 on a ticket table.


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 The country restriction should only be for the web based version, so as far as I know, you should still be able to take part in the test. I'll confirm with the poker team and get back to you soon as possible :)

Former Community Manager
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I've also had the thing last night where it logged me out after I timed out from my login on the main unibet site due to inactivity. Would a workaround be to only log in using the client? In any case, playing in poker tournaments should count as "activity" for this purpose.

On my old overloaded XP it sometimes doesn't load or gives the "enter your login name but lol, we aren't giving you a place to put your password" screen - I must say I'm intrigued as to why such a screen was ever designed - including on Firefox so don't spend resources trying to work out why it wouldn't work for me before on chrome.

This morning I got as far as the table opening and seeing the buy-in screen for cash, but I couldn't buy-in - it went like this

1 "click NL4" (table opens)

2 "click ticket button" (buy-in screen changes to ticket tab)

3 click buy in

at this point the buy-in button greys out as if it has been pressed but nothing happens. The rest of the menu is "active" - i.e. I can still change the buy-in slider or switch between the cash and ticket tabs. When I change tabs the button appears active again (i.e. full colour) but pressing it just makes it grey with no effect (also if I try to do it on the cash tab).

One thing I noticed last night - when playing at a tournament table there is no "home" icon at top right. It is there for cash and it was there for tournaments too in v.1. It's definitely needed for tournaments for example if someone wants to reg two tournaments that are in late regsitration there is no simple way to do it without a home icon.

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, thanks for the report, I've credited you a ticket for the inconvenience. We're currently looking at this issue.


, we're looking into the "log out when inacte on site" one as a top priority.

The "enter your login" with no password is a known one and has been selected for developement this week. This is a login that is used on our dev environement (which is why there's no password) and it currently appears briefly when you login and appears if you get logged out for too long, instead of the normal one. 

Regarding the issue you've faced when you've tried to join a NL4 table, I'm wondering if the issue came from the calls between the client and Unibet cashier (to see if your balance is sufficient to buy-in). Do you remember if you balance was showing in that buy-in window? If it happens again, taking a screenshot would help a lot. Also, which browser do you use?

Good point regarding the "home icon". I'll double check if that's already on our list. A work around is to click on the "cup icon" that you get when you play tournaments. It would bring you to the tournament lobby (the one you're currently playing). From there, you can click on the "arrow icon" to get back to the lobby. I agree that's not the right behaviour though but that's just a tip in the meantime. 

I've credited you with a ticket as well. 

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We should be able to relese a new Web version tomorrow. I don't have the full list of bugs fixes or improvements yet. 

Also, at the moment the Web beta client is not scalable anymore (it has a specific size and doesn't adapt when you resize your browser). This issue should be fixed at some point tomorrow as well. 

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A couple of minor ones.

There is no obvious way to get directly to "profile" clicking the avatar opens up a selection of other avatars only. At the moment I'm getting there by clicking the @@challengecircles, then challenges, then profile.

A weird thing happened when I tried to change the background. From the main profile window the rightmost (minimalist) one appeared to be selected (this was not the case as I was still on the default UB Open one at the tables), when I opened it to select it nothing changed (i.e. i.e. had the minimalist one in profile and UB Open at table), it actually saved the change properly when I clicked a different one, saved it as the background (the change was visible also in profile) then went back in and chose the minimalist one I wanted. Also the change background window closes itself if you moved the scrollbar to full extent to the right.

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