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Report: Missing Freebet from Promotion


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Hello unibet,

idk where i should post it, so i just post it here. (move it to the right direction pls if there is one)

well, iam missing a freebet from a promotion. i have contact the support on monday but until now i didnt receive a answer, now iam trying it on this way.

the promotion links from unibet are replaced because there was a couple of these promotion on the worldcup qualification. we have to activate this promotion on our account and make a 10€ bet from mobile on a game that was mention in the promo.

here are the links to the promo but this links are replaced to the new promos (https://www.unibet.de/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/wm-qualifikation-mobile-de and https://www.unibet.de/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/wm-qualifikation-mobile-ch)

game was: hungary - swiss and czech - germany. for both games was a seperate promotion with a 5€ freebet and i have receive 2 messages on monday on my unibet account for the 2x5€ freebets but i still missing 1x5€ freebet.

as i mentioned i have to activate for the promos and the links i have posted are the right links but its replaced for the new promos.

would be nice if someone here could check it pls.

thx in advance.

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, had a look at the case. We added two freebets to your account this week (one was added this Monday and the other one yesterday).

You used the first freebet on the match between Netherlands - France, and the second one is still active, as the last match on the coupon will be played on Saturday.

My colleague sent you an email on the 11th of October at 2:20 am with the following information:

Our bonus team has advised us that you already used the 5 Euro bonus when you placed a bet. You would've seen this bonus and chosen it just before you placed the bet

Let me know if I forgot something in this case. I'm happy to admit if we made a mistake and fix it, but as far as I can see you're not missing anything from the promotions :)

Former community moderator
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the 5€ freebet that i receive yesterday belongs to a other promotion with the game Germany - Irland.

if u count the 5€ freebet from yesterday then it should be 3 freebets at all but i still have just 2freebets but on my first post i wasnt mention about the promotion from this week! this week promotion was germany - irland and this offer i have receive yesterday, thats right!

last weekend as i mention in my first post was hungary - swiss and czech - germany, this was seperate promotion on weekend and the freebet should receive on monday but i didnt receive 2freebets, just one.

to make it clear:

hungary - swiss = 1x 5€ freebet (should be receive on monday)

czech - germany = 1x 5€ freebet (should be receive on monday)

Germany - Irland = 1x € freebet reiceive on wednesday

i hope u understand the problem now?




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wow, that was very fast and i not expect it that fast! awesome job!

iam not sure but i think about the promotion there was/is a bug to credit 2x freebets on 1account on the same time? just my thoughts because i receive 2msg at same time but didnt receive 2freebets at same time...

maybe the right department could check this.



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I think you're right. I could just see in one of our systems that you opted in to 3 promos with a €5 freebets, but you only received two of them. I've forwarded this to right department in order to avoid this kind of mistakes in the future. Might as well have been a mistake from our side, not adding the 2nd freebet from the weekend - it doesn't make sense that you received two messages and only got one freebet at that time, so there's definitely something we need to investigate.

Nevertheless, you got the missing freebet now and hopefully this won't happen again in the future :)

Former community moderator
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 Usually around 24-48 hours. Just give it one more day and you should have it in your account.

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