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Challenge: 4nl - 25nl day by day


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Hi all, my last blog got a little convoluted as there was mental game talk, various challenges etc, and I felt it would make more sense to start this new chapter here in this thread than continuing in the old as I am dedicating all my poker energy to this one goal going forward. I have been playing poker for a number of years but haven't managed to achieve much due to a mixture of poor discipline and application. Lately thanks to a tilt course I studied my discipline issues have been pretty much solved, however I still suffer from impatience and boredom when playing the smallest limits.

I was thinking today what to do going forward, do I put poker on the back burner for now and spend my energy elsewhere or do I have a go at really making something happen once and for all and stop wasting my efforts at standing still.

I have decided to have another go at making something happen with my poker. To make sure things are not the same as before (i.e. last a few days and then peter out) I am planning to keep my eyes on the prize, the prize is that I will soon be grinding 25nl.

I am going to start at 4nl in this blog, with 56 euros and play nothing but 4nl cash (unless I get free tickets/freerolls through promos etc) but 95% of my play will just be cash game poker. When I think of grinding 4nl it does not inspire me with any motivation at all. But when I think of grinding 25nl and beyond it does. For this reason I'm going to keep my eyes on the prize daily think about where I'm heading (i.e. grinding 25nl).

I think it's important we have the correct thinking if we are to succeed in life so I'll try to keep my blog as professional as possible at all times, as this means I will need to be thinking professionally which will hopefully map into my game.

I am going to use a 30bi bankroll management plan until I get to 50nl, then will switch to a 40bi bankroll management plan. But this challenge covers 4nl-->10nl-->25nl ; so i'll be using 30bi bankroll management through this challenge.

Plan going forward:

Play daily - report no. flops seen each day here, and p/l.

56.52 (14 stacks) euros starting bankroll.

 - Play 4nl until $300 total bankroll then move to 10nl.
 - Play 10nl until $750 total bankroll then move to 25nl.

Make 20 stacks profit at 25nl then this challenge is complete, any bonuses etc I get along the way I'll change into cash tickets to try to progress the challenge.

I have a day job too, but will be trying to play for 5-6 hours a day.

Starting Bankroll


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Good luck, good luck! Good job being willing to do so many hours each day while you have a day job as well. How many tables are you playing simultaneously? Do you tend to multitask like I have the urge to, like chat on skype or browse the internet while you're playing or can you put in those hours without distractions? 

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Good luck. You have lots of free time to make this a reality.


I have a similar goal. I have a very small amount of money on Unibet and plan to grind the 4nl cash games with 25nl being the goal. Plus I also want to milk the rewards system for all it is worth and bank a UK tour seat for Manchester. I have much less spare really on my hands so I'll see you there a couple of years after you arrive!

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Good luck with your challenge :)

Don't forget something important though through you playing:  have fun !  achieving your goal is great, but having fun doing it is as important i think to avoid tilting or boredom/impatience :)

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