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I've been keeping up to date with Unibet, and I'm curious about the two spikes in your stock. Right now I'm thinking you guys are a great investment. This place only gets better.

No ill will to BillHill, and lots of curses too jokerstars, but no matter what happens they aren't even close to what you guys are doing. Definitely some smart cookies over there. Keep it up.

It's just an illusion.
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Hi  and cool that you are interested in the company. We are all passionate in what we are doing and it is great to work for Unibet. I am not sure this thread is the approapriate one for a share price discussion and as employees we can unfortunately not participate in such conversions. You can perhaps find more opinions if you start a similar thread in the section Social - Off topic.

Just a few links if you want to keep track of the company

Corporate webiste

Corporate announcements on Twitter

Unibet Group on LinkedIn

Career website (in case anyone is interested in joining)

Cheers, Fredrik

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