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Morning omaha


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As one week ago - this morning - 06:00 CET the omaha bounty freeroll didnt appear on tournament list.....I was wondering - should I wake up tomorrow or not?....as the tournament now is on the schedule.........but was the same week ago - and then - no tournament.....

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Yes, wake up. It will most likely be there. Even if its not you can find sonething else to do like yoga or a nice stroll through the neighbourhood.
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Ah yes.  I looked into it properly:

It was cancelled on the 28th and 29th for server updates in preparation for the web client 2.0 release (which may be today, we'll see how this version runs first).

The one on the 10th was cancelled for server updates to fix a tournament monitor problem (where the lobby doesn't update properly).

It's run every other day since the 24th, when it was introduced. Sorry for those three cancellations, but this is the quietest time on the site, so it's when we do maintenance and updates.


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