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Can't talk about me pizza...

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OK !

I was updating my blog post today... and talking about pizza (well it is sunday)...

When I had posted it I got a message that you can't use 'hoven' (minus the h) in blog posts, "Please remove this content before sending your post. We don't allow posts in other languages than English, and swearing is not allowed either."

Now not instantly clicking on to the idea that hoven (minus the h) as a word itself would be disallowed, I thought hoven (minus the h) must be some strange language I have not heard of (I kid you not) and set about deconstructing my post line by line, copy cutting... until it let me post it.. finally narrowing it down to my pizza sentence (it still didn't click! I'm slow on a Sunday :) )

So now I am trying to find this word that might look foreign that is tricking the filter...

When I realise it's the sentence where I speak about taking my pizza from the hoven (minus the h)...

It was actually the word hoven that is not allowed, and hoven is not some foreign language I have never heard of .. aha..

So when all is said and done (and my 40 minutes trying to figure out the error in my post is spent).

The bug is...

The forum doesn't allow any posts which contain the word 'hoven' in them to be posted! 不不不不不不不

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The turkey shot out of the oven
and rocketed into the air,
it knocked every plate off the table
and partly demolished a chair.

Oven, oven, oven.

The word was part of one of the filters to prevent posts in foreign languages. I've removed it, and you should be able to post it now:)

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