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30k Milestone Freeroll


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It's only 18 days since we had the 25k posts milestone, and we just reached the next one - amazing to see how you guys keep the community alive every day!

We've set up a milestone freeroll to celebrate the 30.000 posts with a total prize pool of €300 Unibet Open tickets + the usual €10 bounties on ,  and myself :) 
As long as you're a member of the community, you'll receive a ticket for the freeroll taking place tomorrow (Monday) at 20:00 CET

Prize pool:

1st & 2nd - €50 UO ticket
3rd-6th - €25 UO ticket
7th-10th - €10 UO ticket
11th-18th - €4 UO ticket
19th-32th - €2 UO ticket

Please note that your poker alias will have to be identical or very similar to your community alias. If it's not, you'll not be eligible to a ticket.

Tickets will be added about 30 minutes before the tournament starts.


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Very nice! Amazing that our community is finally active & we're seeing new faces every day 😃

Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada but I'll try to make some time for the tournament 🆒

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