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Does increasing spending limit allow me to keep playing for the next 7 days with my old limit?


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I want to increase my spending limit. By "spending limit" I mean that if I have set it on 40 euros, then I can buy in 10 times to NL4 in 24 hour period. If I increase that, the change takes 7 days. My question is can I also play during those 7 days with my 40 euro limit per each day?

I once set the spending limit too low as I thought it's "loosing limit" and when I removed it I wasn't able to play for 7 days.


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, thanks for posting your question here on the community :)

You're right - when you increase your spending limit, it'll take 7 days before the change goes through, and the original / current spending limit will stay the same until then, meaning you'll be able to spend €40 per day based on the example you mentioned.

Lowering a spending limit will take effect immediately.


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Yes you can still play with your old limits during that 7 day period.

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