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Glasgow UK Tour event


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Awrite mukkers! (thank you Scottish phrasebook).

I just arrived in Glasgow so thought I'd get a thread started for the UK tour event :) Day 1a starts at 18:00 local time tomorrow, and late reg lasts until around 22:00. Day 1b starts at 13:00 on Saturday with late reg closing at around 17:00. If you would like to play Day 1b but haven't contacted support to request a starting day change, don't worry. The casino have the names of all qualifiers and it's not a problem is someone has a package for Day 1a but doesn't arrive until Saturday. If you do run into any issues in the casino then don't hesitate to ask for me (David from Unibet should work).

We have over 50 unique qualifiers for this event and I'll be the only member of the Poker Team here but I would love to get a chance to meet all of you before the weekend is over. I'll be wearing the badge below around my neck at all times so if you spot me and would like a chat then just grab me (not literally please)! I'll also be posting some updates in this thread over the weekend so that those who couldn't make it can follow friends and foes alike :) Good luck to everyone from the community who is taking part, we're aiming for our second winner from the online qualifiers! :laugh: :cash: 👍



“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Thought I posted on here but I was tripping so hard yesterday, that I guess I didn't.  Seen it was still in my auto load.  Was up for 42 hours was so tired I was seeing things, but finally arrived in London yesterday and just woke up now going to take the bus to Glasgow and hustle to the casino.  Good Luck to everyone in the tourney, hopefully I won't be a zombie and just punt off my stack in first level 😆

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As I'll be providing some updates through the evening, if anyone would like an update on anyone in particular at any point tonight then let me know in this thread. The photographer is covering pretty much every table and seat in the tournament at some point, but if you're playing tonight and would like us to get a pic of you whilst playing then feel free to come and nudge me once you're here :)

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Sorry for my extremely late reply. I don't have any pics as of yet but I should get them from the photographer overnight ready to post tomorrow - I think we managed to capture *almost* everyone who played today so I can pick out the qualifiers. We've got around 2.5 hours left to play tonight and most of the players from the community site are still in, although I'll have full chip counts by the start of Day 1b.

For anyone who is in Glasgow and reads the community site, we'll be playing a private game on Sunday afternoon for anyone who qualified online. It'll be a freeroll tournament but with a bunch of prizes added and will give everyone a chance to put faces to names if you haven't already met. If you qualified online and are reading this from the casino in Glasgow, you're invited! I'll post to confirm the time before Sunday, but it's likely it will be around 18:00 local time.

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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I bust day 1a. Jammed 20 bigs from the btn with AK of diamonds. Sb called with AQo. Q high flop with 2 diamonds. Turn and river brick. Really enjoyed the day though and met some of the players I've been doing battle with online these last few months.


Will be playing day 1b whether buying an entry off somebody or not.


My train leaves at 8pm Sunday night so hopefully I can play the freeroll for a little bit then dust my stack off with some crazy plays. (You've probably seen a lot of them in the UK tour sats!)


Run good today folks.

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@NeriPoker wrote:

Day 1b not going well. Tournament hasn't even started yet and had someone open the toilet door with me sat there with my trousers round my ankles.


Thought it was locked.

 Getting all of your bad luck out of the way early on, sensible strategy ;)

The list of players who made it through Day 1a is below, online qualifiers in CAPS:


Chip countNameSurname


“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Day 1B is over. I believe only 48 players remain in total, with 23 players payed, mincash 450 fake british money, and 1'st gets over 11k.

I'm still in with about 160k, a stack littered with the corpses of my coolered comrades from twitch, community and beyod. On my table there were a couple of players with even more chips so not really a top stack :( , let's see how I botch this up tomorow NotLikeThis 

 Edit: Day 1B over not day 2 NotLikeThis

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Unlucky for those who busted :(  i hope you had a good time though

So , who's left from our community now for the last day ? i see   and  @hensiepensie  👍

Any news from  ?

Good luck for the remaining players, go and get that win !! :cash::cash:

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