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Any Line Bingo Tournaments


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bingofast.jpg.9ef6d5b013e189f37a321268894940ef.jpgIf you're interested in a fast paced game, join us now in our Bingo All Stars Room, where we’ve got €950 to be won in our new daily one-line Bingo games and tournament.

Until Sunday 16th of October these fast games take place daily from 20:00 to 21:00 CEST. Tickets only cost €0.02 and there is a guaranteed minimum of €25 to be won.

The winner of each game will be the first player to get a BINGO by completing a horizontal, diagonal OR vertical line… Blink and you’ll miss it.

Besides the regular prizes, there's also a nightly Any Line Bingo Tournament, where you can win up to €100!

You'll find our bingo rooms here.

For more information about the Any Line Bingo Tournaments, please check here

If you've played in the new Bingo All Stars Room - or plan on it - feel free to let us and other community members know what you think about it by posting below - your opinion matter and helps shape the games we offer and promotions towards them :)

Former Community Manager
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