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Vouchers no longer work in the minigames


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I noticed that the bingo vouchers no longer work in the minigames, it used to be that you could play them through by buying bingo tickets OR playing the minigames or a combination of both, the minigames had a higher wagering requirement but it was still pretty good, because for one I enjoy the minigames a lot more :D and for second, if I played bingo with it first and accidentally won, I could then play through the rest in the minigames and actually cash in a bit from the ticket, but now it seems impossible to actually turn a ticket into some cash, because I never seem to win in bingo twice in a day.

Why was this changed? Any chance it'll get changed back?

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Hi ,

Thank you for your comment.

The change in vouchers was decided on after a discussion relating to the balance of awards in the Loyalty Wheel.

Essentially we want to evenly award players with cash, bingo vouchers, and free spins for minigames. Having the vouchers open to both bingo and minigames skewed that balance heavily over on minigames, which we felt was unfortunate. It is bingo after all, so the minigames are an addition to that.

We do appreciate the feedback, and will keep it in mind in the future. :)

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