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Pot Spinner Promo?


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Just thought of a promo idea and wondered what you guys think of it. 

This works for cash games where every x amount of times a day the cash game pot at the completion of the hand gets spinned up from 1.25 to 5x the pot.  (having a spinner like a slot would be a cool graphic)  This would apply to all stakes and be totally random.  My thinking is that currently "rake races" for cash games don't help the rec player and forces too much commitment for even semi regs.  This promo is like the parachute but it would encourage players to play more hands as only the winner of the pot gets rewarded and the bigger the pots the bigger the bonus.


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I really like the idea but I feel that in order for it to be profitable to the site they'd have to increase the rake which is a negative for everyone. It's similar to sit and go promos on other sites. The extra money from each buyin goes into a seperate pool, which is used for the bigger payouts.

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