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PLO challenge - bug ?


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Yesterday, i played a cash game plo and i got a straight on the turn (even a straight flush) as seen in the pic here under (opponent doesnt appear because there was a bug with the table...  had several of those lately with cards/opponents/stacks disappearing in middle of a hand)


When i checked my challenges after, i saw that the main challenge of PLO is to get a straight on the turn, which i did and it didn't register apparently ?

I made a pic as well to show its still at 0/30 (still like that today so its not a question of updating)


So, is it normal it didn't register ?     the challenge says: " get a straight by the turn"

Also a small question:  does getting a straight on flop counts as well in this challenge or does it have to be on the turn ?

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I believe psrquack is right here, the hand is a straight flush and thus from the rules of poker not a straight, I'm sure someone from the poker team will correct us if need be :) A very very nice hand though, been a while since I've had one of those myself :)

Former Community Manager
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