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Add photo to post with iphone or android


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Maybe you need to downsize the photo ? and maybe not in raw format....you do know a photo taken with any camera include phones can be huge in size ? also the phone store them in diffrent format depending on what the user choose....cant have a Unibet server loaded with heavy photos...some dont sit on GB lan lines :)

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@AndreazLainez wrote:

Hi, i tried to add a photo to my post using my iphone. I guess that this does not work yet but i suggest that you should give it some thought.

Kind regards

I agree that it should be possible to add photos from mobile - at the moment the editor doesn't allow this, as you've seen. I'll see if this can be a fixed in an update we're going to do in two weeks time. Thanks for the suggestion :)

EDIT: as a temporary solution I've enabled a file attachment option, so you can attach files to your post - this is working from both mobile and desktop.

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