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Lol  I notice you have secretly adjusted the terms of this offer. :D I guess me and my friend are out then, he's not too chatty even in private conversations, nevermind on a forum, I don't know if you can get rank 12 by lurking. I feel a bit let down but whatever, I'm now stuck on this forum and I'm not going to up and leave over that :D

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 It's the exact reason  described in the bingo thread. It's your countries regulations that are preventing you from participating in certain offers but you can always take part in competitions and such. You won't receive bonus money, but if you're lucky enough to win, you can ask for poker tickets/potentially bingo vouchers.

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I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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