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The first part shows the selection for the first half and the second part shows who’s going to win the second half.In order for you to win your bet the outcomes of the first half and from the full time should match your selection. If you guess only one of the outcomes right your bet is settled as a loss

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you mean this? 


you should guess standing at break (half time; HT) and standing at full time (FT) correct, some bookies also use HT/FT

so HT score 0-0 = X;  FT score 1-0 = 1 -> X/1 would give you winning bet

HT score 0-1 = 2; FT score 1-2 = 2 -> 2/2 would give you winning bet (in second half both team scored once but you gotta look to the score at HT/FT)

(2nd half 1x2 bet is something different, for last example X would be winning bet, cos both scored once during the second half - no matter what first half result was)

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