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Points boost in early hours


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maybe this suggestion will grow up more tougher tables at night, much more regs would play at this time then to reach more quarterpoints. my experience on night was for sure the traffic goes down but on micros the tables are softer, thats what i notice the last weeks.

a new player will not take care on his challenger points. this option will use by grinders and could make the tables much tougher on night.


me as a grinder would welcome to earn more points with the same work but on the other site it could make the tables reggish/tougher all the way with this option.

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@Andrew-Unibet wrote:

I remember the idea, but not the specifics.  Bonus Challenge points for SNG when you join a queue and none are running?  I think that's definitely doable, it just needs prioritisation.

Yeah thats right, You will get a X% point boost when you enter a SNG at specific buyin when 0 players are in pool.

Visual representation in the lobby could be a little bird image next to the SNG buyin or simply put text "+X% points".

Around the clock for all stakes. Maybe you would want to scale the point boost for 50s+ since they have less rake%.

Not actually Old.
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