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X-mas Mission's 12-12-23 Hexapro


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Hello 🙂 Yesterday's mission requiered to get 3 time a 5x multiplier or higher in HexaPro.

I played a couple 0,20 cents and had a €2,-. It didn't count towards the mission

Then i played a couple €1,-'s and had 2x €10,-'s wich did count, but i also had 1 or 2 €5,-'s, wich did not count.

Maybe i'm missing something, but if i play on €1,- hexapro and get a €5,- that's a 5x multiplier right? or should i count x4 because of the €1 euro buy in?

But then the 0,20 cents gave me a €2,- wich is obivously higher then the requested 5x or higher.


Could any one explaine please, cause now i kept stuck on 2/3 and the mission expired, bu i think i should've been eligble to it. Could be wrong and i'm missing something


Many thanks in advance and GG on the tables all 🙂 

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It has to be exactly 5x, so the couple you had at the €1 stake should have counted, and probably did so since your counter was at 2/3.

On the €0,20 Extremes there is no 5x multiplier, so completing that challenge playing those is not possible.

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