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Any chance of a few more late 6max mtts?


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 Thanks for your feeedback. In general 9 max attract more players for some reason and the current 6-max system we  have means that tournaments don't balance very well if they are under 20 players. 9 max works better during those times atm, but I will keep an eye on possibilities for 6 max games during night :)

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Just looking at that area of the schedule wondering what could be switched round if you were to add in a 6max. I noticed the only possible slot was 2AM CET. There is a 1 hour gap between 'TurboDeepstack' and 'TurboBounty' which are both 4e. Maybe you could add something here.

Or you could just add something on the end and slide the other stuff back a bit.

- Move Nightly Ten Turbo back to 2AM CET (more players so maybe increase to  150GTD)
- Move Nightly Four Multi Turbo back to 3AM CET (more players and if it does better increase to 100GTD)
- Add a Nightly Ten 6max at 3.30AM CET  with 6-8 minute blinds. (50e GTD until you get an idea)
- Remove Nightly Twenty Five? (Doesnt really run too often, has to be earlier on In the Night and may aswell just play a SNG if its only around 5 players)

I notice around these hours some people are still playing some 10e and the odd 25e SNG. I think people have been combining the 2 formats SNG and Late Turbo MTTs (i do).

Just some ideas/feedback, cheers. :)

Not actually Old.
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