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Hi. I hope there is someone who have been in similar situation and can give me some advice … course simply I don’t know anymore who to ask.

This will be long description of my problem but i dont know how i can explain this in short story but understandable.

I have 1 bank account on Revolut but inside it holds 2  separate accounts- each with its own IBAN ,bank cards….  .

One account is Standard account with I have allways used for all payments and transfers since I opened it. Second account is business account wich I 
I have never use it for anything and I am even not allowed and not able to add money there, send or receive money …. 
Everything was fine until beginning of October. I canceled some orders on some merhant site and did need to get a refund back to payment metod from wich I paid there….but refund was sent automatically to business account but as that account isn’t  active , my bank did not accept incoming refund there and reverted money back to that merhant and since than I have not get back or seen that refund …. Wasn’t hight amount so I just leave it .
same thing happened week latter with another merhant… also still haven’t got refund back… websites say to contact bank but bank - website. Waisted a lot of time exlplaining both sides , sending screenshots and statements but websites say refunds has been completed from them side but bank keep saying that they have send refunds back to websites. 
Mystery for everyone is why refunds has been sent to account from wich I didn’t paid to websites. Noone cannot fix it and cannot find problem 
No one don’t know where money has gone after my bank reverted refunds.

Wasn’t hight amounts - 20 and 30 eur so I  left it as it is.

I have never made withdrawal on unibet before but 20 October I won some money and wanted to withdraw 570 eur to account from wich I allways have deposited . But system at unibet choses and add withdrawal metod automatically and in my Case it choosed Business account iban. That what i was offered as only withdrawal metod- account Nr from wich i never paid there. 
i contacted Costumer support and tried to explain that there is wrong iban in my account and if they can change it to right One . I offered transaction statementsand anything they would like to have to see that i am telling truth . 
Of course they blocked my account and didnt listen to me because they thought i have used someones elses bank account for deposit, wich i also dont understand because it is so easy to check that on my deposit History… but noone doesnt check it. 

With payment verification was also interesting … i did need to upload vārds and stuff but everyone i uploaded , was not accepted because of some reasons as not clear photo and stuff… i uploaded some 10 times different  stuff for verification in 1 day  but they still did not accept anything … and than they ASKed for document from my bank wich bank couldnt give . Once i told them where and wich document i have problems to get from bank, they just kept concentrating on that One. Once i finally got exactly those document from my bank and uploaded verification was pending 7 days and got forvard only because i kept asking them for it. 

in mean time when i Sended them all that information about what is happening and where is problem and how it must be solved i allways reminded them to change IBAN on Unibet to right one so i can withdrawal money once account will be verified. Last time i talked in the morning with live -agent and she did understand everything and will give right iban  all my info to payment departament.

1hour latter i got email from my bank - “We did not accept incoming transfer 578 eur and we send money back to them .

So … as all last week i was sending and explaining and prooving to WHO? Noone didnt he ar me or didnt understand ir simply didnt care….
ALso …i did not ASK for withdrawal. They withdrawed money to wrong account after they verified payment metods. 

Sadest part is that no matter how many time i have spent getting all statements and account informations, screenshots and many other things where clearly can see that i have deposited using standart account, they doesnt care … they just focus on system … that unibet system “has added me IBAN to account from wich i have paid at unibet” … wich is wrong. 

so once again … withdrawal was sent to business account, my bank revert it … unibet saying that from them side withdrawal is complete and my bank has accepted that withdrawal but my bank says - they reverted withdrawal and doesnt have money. 

Same thing.. noone dont know where has 578 eur gone   after was reverted.

If someone reads this and know answet also to question — does withdrawal must be made ONLY  to account nr or bank card that has been LAST used for deposit at unibet? 


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