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Zlatan. one part of a team


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@stromboli wrote:

A fantastic football player but still 

just a part of a team.And if the team

cant communicate with Zlatan or vice versa.....

.......................bye bye

i dont wanna be hater or whateever other things , but i really don get it this threat . open a threat does not really count to take a rank higher . if you log in each day is enough to take one higher rank each day . i understand that everybody want a free share of the promotion but still we as part of this community should build smart open threats. as i said i dont really want you consider me malefic but still dont get it the ideea.

in this moment i am waiting you to open another 100 threats with messi , ronaldo etc saying same thing

as i said you dont have to open threats to take a higher rank , daily consecutive activity is enough and by the way there are 472 people registered on the site so you may stay chill cause you ll get your bonus in time

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Hey ... what do you say Zlatan clear united now ... but he did not play the Olympics is not so, please tant to get 40 million more if he declines the Olympics as a bonus ... no when Zlatan thinking not only about money Yes ... so what do you think he will be as important as any now says the United ... robb-75

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