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Meet the supplier - Quickspin


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Hi all,

It is Friday and time to publish the first post in the series "Meet the supplier". First out is Swedish Quickspin that has been a partner to Unibet for a long time. The company has released a number of crowd pleasers over the years and also delivered content to Unibet's popular native casiono app Spin City. Have a read and share your thoughts with Quickspin. Thank you Quickspin for your contrubution!

Kind regards, Fredrik


We created Quickspin in 2011 because we were passionate about video slots. That passion was what drove us then and what drives us now. We’re not in it to make a fast buck; we’re in it to create quality games that players enjoy playing time after time. And if all of that sounds like a bit of cliché we can honestly say it’s true!

The founders and the first guys on the team were all – and remain – slot heads. We like nothing better than playing slots. We now have considerable experience in creating them too, and hopefully that shows in the titles we produce. Fortunately, those titles have been very successful and we’ve grown as a company, and taken on new people. But those people share our passion and are equally excited by good slot design, so it has been a smooth transition.

Since we are players ourselves, the key factor for us when we create our games is respect for the player. We realise that slots are entertainment and an escape from real-life. As a result, we try to make them as much fun as possible. Everything from game math and features, to art, animations, sounds, usability, and timings are designed to give you the player the best experience possible.

We realise people like different games too, so we are currently working on diversifying our offering to include both more and less features in the games, as well as more, and less, volatile titles. We also like to reward players with bonuses that are relevant to you, and we’ve designed a feature trigger that takes you straight to the good bit for that reason.


But, ultimately, we will be guided by you. The main reason for engaging with this forum was to find out what you think. We have our own opinions, formed by years of playing the same games as you. But what do you think and what would you like to see in our games in the future? Our own favourite titles, in no particular order, are Big Bad Wolf, The Wild Chase, Crystal Queen, and Second Strike. But what about you: what do you like? And just as importantly, what don’t you like, or what can we improve?

The floor is yours, people: talk to us!

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In light of our latest release – Dragonshrine, we wanted to share with you some interesting game information.

H1stack.png.39939e326ae286343c273a00986c1a75.pngInitially the game’s name was Diamond Storm, with the Diamond being what is now the Dragon. It was changed to the Dragon as a tribute to our new game mathematician who worked tirelessly on this game. The name of course was also changed to reflect this change

  • We wanted to deliver a feature with a bit of a punch, becoming even bigger during the freespins. In fact the freespins in Dragonshrine are a bit more volatile than most of our other games, but hitting the Dragon Stack Respin a few times makes for a healthy win
  • During production for Dragonshrine, our artists just could not get enough of PokemonGo so all placeholders where all pokemons during early stages
  • We wanted to create a very straight forward game. The jewels and the dragon in their abstract environment as we would see it if we look up to the skies, give the game simplicity and readability which is very hard to match
  • A lot of visual focus went into the animation and particle systems. The artists loved working on this game as it had a very clear focus with a very arcadish base feeling with a contemporary enhancement using the feedback.

We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we both enjoy playing it and developing it for you guys!

Try it out here and let us know what you think!

The Quickspin team

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