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Rakeback in Netherlands


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Since the re-introduction of Unibet in the Netherlands, it is not possible for NL players to receive loyalty/rakeback. Can someone explain what the rationale is behind this? I assume it is a law thing, but a site like GGpoker does offer it in NL. So it surprises me Unibet doesn't.

For me it means that I only play the high value tournaments on Unibet and the rest on other sites, but I would love to play some more cash/Banzai on Unibet as well. Atm it simply doesn't make sense financially compared to other options.

Was wondering if there is a possible solution, because could be a win-win.

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@DailyQuads, welcome to the community!

If you search for "Netherlands loyalty", you'll find a few other threads on the subject, but to keep it brief: it is related to local regulations and it's unlikely loyalty will come anytime soon in NL.

That being said, it really wouldn't make much difference to an MTT player. GG got higher MTT fees, and you're never getting enough rakeback from playing their MTT's (at the buyin levels we also offer), for you to be better off playing with them. Try and compare the fees between tournaments and you'll see what I mean 🙂
Depending on what exactly you play, you likely pay 30-45% more with GG.

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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@Stubbe-Unibet Thank you for your reply. I might have been a bit ambiguous in my message, I do play tournaments on UB, exactly because of the reasoning you give.

However cash/Banzai I don't play on UB. Cash the alternatives are better rake wise. Banzai I presume my edge is to small without any rakeback. A bonus in terms of rake x, get y would also work. But completely understand if that wouldn't work compliance wise either. Just seemed like a win-win to move some more volume to UB (+Banzai is fun😉)

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