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Unibet automatic bonus system

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I am curious if anybody is getting bonuses from the automatic bonus system from Unibet. I think everybody knows that if you request a bonus from customer support or account management, they will respond that they are not allowed to credit any bonuses and that on Unibet there is an automatic bonus system that is taking care of all clients. Please share if you have received bonuses as cashback or deposit bonuses(25-100% reload) from the automatic system. 


Don't include here the weekly marketing bonuses from where you get some free spins for few cents or the bonuses from the club!

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hello, i can tell you that it can be worse than your story.

i can,t open links to promo,s for couple of weeks now so i ask it in the chat and i get the best answer i ever hear on a online site.

i have a bonus block because i look to often on the promo pages hahaha

and this could not be solved.

somebody had this ever hear???????


or i just got screwed lol 



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