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Cash Game Reward Tickets


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I managed to earn 17500 XP which I assumed was worth €175 so I went to buy a ticket for NL25 (€25). I sat with the ticket and lost a few big blinds and the client wouldnt let me reload to top up to 100bb... So my ticket is going to dwindle before I can see the required flops? 

Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated. I know on GG you can combine cash dollars with real dollars - I was wondering if this can be done on Unibet and how to do so? I have seen another post that implies it is something to do with rathole mitigation but I believe this not to be the case, just looking for admin to shed some light. Thankyou. 

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im presuming you bought a 25 euro 25NL ticket?

you cant reload cash onto it

if you had bought a 50 euro ticket for 25NL you can top up


you can keep using the ticket and if you get above 100bbs you can top up next time you use it


if you go below 50BBs and leave the table you will get the cash into your account

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