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MacOS: Login screen bugs

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I don't know if for how long these have existed as I re-downloaded Unibet desktop app a week or so ago (maybe these are already known and just sitting in the backlog as low priority tasks), but I have encountered two bugs while trying to log in.

1) If email field is focused during the login screen, pressing tab button switches focus to "log in" button while it should logically switch to the password field.

2) If password (maybe also email) contains letter "f", pressing that key switches the application to full screen (maximized) mode. I haven't been able to re-produce this bug consistently though. From my experience it doesn't happen in the case of opening the application and trying to log in, but only when the application is already open, user has been logged out due to inactivity, and trying to log back in. Even then, sometimes the bug does trigger and sometimes it doesn't so I have no idea what is going on and why does it happen.

OS version: Monterey 12.2.1

Unibet desktop version: 3.28.0

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Adding to the second bug, I did some more testing and it seems to happen only if computer is put to sleep (e.g. closing the lid) and the client logs out due to inactivity when booting back up. If the client simply logs out due to inactivity without the system sleeping, logging in works as intended. The bug also triggers when pressing "f" key while the email field is focused.

Additionally, I also discovered a third bug. When pressing "f" and then deleting it (pressing the delete key while cursor is at the end of the line), pressing the delete key deletes last two characters instead of one. For example, if a user has email username@mail.com, adds letter "f" to it and presses delete, the field now reads username@mail.co. If they press delete again it becomes username@mail. and so on. The same seems to be true for the password field.

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