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I deposited from my cousins card over a month ago. I had left my wallet at my mums house. and wanted to play. I didn’t realise you couldn’t deposit on someone else’s card I thought you just had to withdraw to the same card you deposited with. I deposited £1000 I play poker alongside working from home full time so I get good volume in. I came from another poker site. And wanted to try unibet I have gone through the levels very quickly getting to 400nl I have cashed out 5k so far to same card I deposited with had no problems i now have another 14k left in the account I tried to withdraw 4k to keep the 10k In The account to keep playing 400nl. Now my account is blocked which is causing me huge stress as is a big amount of money and to make matters worse poker is my side income With my job and now I cannot play. Please please please could somebody help.

run good everyone!


Thank you 

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