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Poker Release Notes 3.27

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Previous release notes can be found here.

Release date: 23rd May (server release 23rd, but this month client release coming later; the 29th)
Next release: 27th June

Biggest changes this month are related to navigation inside the client. This release will bring the biggest UI changes since the release of v3.0. There's now also the option to cancel an active bonus straight in the client, so no need to tag me on here anymore for such requests 🙂 

We're also getting closer to the date where we'll be making changes to the daily specials. In the June release, we're planning to make changes to both the Tuesday and Saturday promotions. If you like HexaPro, you won't be disappointed:





Still running/upcoming from previous release(s):

  • High Hand, 8th May  – 4th June
  • HexaPro Daily Race 8th May  – 4th June (4 weeks
  • May Mission    

Included in this release:

  • Prize Drop, 19th June – 23rd July (35 days)
  • Affiliate XP Race 1st June -30th June
  • MTT Bankroll Booster Series, 25th June – 2nd July (1 week)
  • June Mission

Coming in next release:

  • Summer Bootcamp, 3rd July – 6th August
  • Banzai Flips, 24th July – 27th August
  • Time Based Jackpot Mania, August
  • XP Points Race, 7th Aug – 3rd Sept
  • July Mission
  • August Mission


New features/Improvements

  • Navigation changes
    • Main objective has been to never have the game formats more than 1 click away. We've also removed the "player" icon in the footer, for more intuitive access to promotions, bonus shop etc. Several minor changes, some of which I'll show below.

    • ‘Player’ icon is gone and the sub sections moved under Gift wrap icon

    • We have made sub-navigation vertical instead of horizontal, so they always remain visible and no scrolling needed

    • Hand history is now only available as a sub-menu under each game type, but you can view hands from any game type for them all:

    • New bonus cancel option:


  • New community summer league avatar
  • New table background

Bug fixes

  • Android WEB, when searching for Tournaments you only get number pad. Fixed now so letters can be entered as well. 



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 23/05/2023 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier

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1) The Takeoff Tuesday and Straospheric Saturday art is stunning, really nice. I'm very curious about the maths behind the Hexa Jackpot timers, does anyone know where I can see more info on this? Normally for slots and poker games there is a full breakdown somewhere of how exactly the maths works (in some jurisdictions it is actually a legal requirement to display RTP). What I mean by this is if the jackpot is GTD to hit within 800 or 500 or 150 or 50 games, what are the odds of it hitting in the next game? 

2) I like the high hands, annoyingly I thought I won one with a King high straight flush at 100PLO the other day but it was after the promo ended for the night. Absolutely RIP.

3) Been missing the affiliate race, love to see that back.

4) 'Cancel Bonus' option is welcome, also saves Stubbe from responding to 5 messages on it a day.

5) Is there a community event with a UO package as a prize? I vaguely recall reading about that but can't see that here.

6) Shark avatar is cute.

7) The new table background would be great as a desktop background, IDK how people use these as a poker background with cards and chips and avatars in the mix. 6-tabling with a screen full of 'cluttered' backgrounds seems like a recipe for a sextuple dose of conjunctivitis. I assume the only users are guys playing 1 table of 4NL. Personally I cant use anything other than the blandest and simplest backgrounds.

8 )The command 'hack' to dodge the CAPTCHAs that some genius posted on the forums is no longer working for me every time. I am literally moving some of my volume elsewhere simply because every other site / app in existence has near instant log in, so I can open those and be playing 6 tables in the time it takes to fill in 4 of the 20 CAPTCHAs Unibet gatekeeps their site with. I might open Unibet as well but play less tables because I'm already sat in games elsewhere. People who are more capricious will just withdraw everything from Unibet and play elsewhere. Regs who played solely on Unibet will kind of put up with it a bit because they are used to the meta and are tied in for the loyalty scheme for a period. Recreational players will just quit, no rec (esp older less computer savvy ones) is putting up with 20 CAPTCHAs to log in.

9) Asked for poker stats this month 3 times, got two responses both wrong. Try again in June...

10) Idea: some kind of emoji to let people know you are coming back shortly and just on eg. a bathroom break. This would help prevent shorthanded games breaking. Atm if someone sits out HU or 3 handed the game very frequently breaks because nobody wants to sit for up to 8 minutes wondering if the player is returning. You also get games breaking because maybe in a 4 handed game one guy sits out, someone won't play 3 handed, someone else wont play HU and the entire game breaks. ATM you have no clue if the guy is gone for 15 seconds and will then return, or if he has no intention of returning and will just block the seat for 8 minutes until the software auto stands him. Curious what other people think of this, its less of an issue at lower stakes but some stakes like 200NL especially are very very fragile off peak and anything to keep games running has to be good. Lower stakes there's loads of volume and people doing whatever low stakes players do, 400NL regs are chasing rewards and are more comfortable battling, 200NL is recs and then 50 or 100 regs shot taking and they refuse to pay rake to play each other. 200NL is actually kind of a weird stake for a few reasons (eg. the bootcamps screw with 200 very very hard) but the ecology of 200NL is a topic for another post.

GL everyone!


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