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No bonusses

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I played alot in the past month, however i NEVER get any bonus. How is this possible? Also in games, i can roll 150-250 times and not get bonus games or free spins. No loyalty bonusses. 

Also the help section is not available.

Whats up with this all? Should i just quit unibet? 

Its a shame no support is available for these type of questions, but okay.


Do you guys get any bonusses?


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We do have a support (Here) but I'm afraid there will not be any bonuses given from there either as we have an automated system for that. That's also why I can't really say anything regarding individual accounts and bonuses etc.

What comes to free spins/bonus games within the games, 120-250 is quite a small sample size still and as they are random sometimes you might get multiple bonuses during those spins and sometimes unfortunately none. 😞



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