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Is this the pokerroom i am looking for?

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I am a Belgian citizen and have an existing Unibet account. I am considering a deposit of 200 € to play 5NL poker. So i am looking for a pokerroom with promotions for some extra motivation to grind the tables.

I have read the forum but i can't find the answers i am looking for. I saw some posts about bi-weekly rakeback for some users. Only for very active players i assume. 

I think @Andy-Unibet and @Stubbe-Unibet have some answers for me 😘

Are there any deposit bonusses at the moment?
Are there rakeback promotions possible?

Thx in advance,

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If you're planning to play NL4/NL5 you won't find a better place anyway 🙂 even with 50% rakeback on other sites - which will never happen - you'll be better off with us 


Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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I am on Pokerstars now. I looked it up and there is indeed a nice difference on 4-5NL. Above 10NL/25NL it's more or less the same.

How is the traffic?

Pokerstars $


Pokerstars €


Unibet €



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I have 2 more questions before i decide. I know that HUD are banned.

Can you acces easily your hand history? And can you import the hand history in Holdem Manager/Pokertracker/Hand2note to review the hands and graph your own progress?

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3 hours ago, Howitzer said:

Can you acces easily your hand history?

No, only the option offered by the poker client, i.e. copying each hand separately.

3 hours ago, Howitzer said:

Holdem Manager/Pokertracker/Hand2note

All these programs do not work with the Unibet client and do not read hands.

Perhaps in the distant future something will change with the hand history. At least it wasn't that long ago that the staff asked for the community's opinion on the subject, but for the most part everyone is happy with the way things are now, so I wouldn't hold out much hope.🙂

My English - Google Translate 🤪. My Unibet Community blog is here

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